Reading via Autocomplete


Wise words from . . . urging us to slow down, be present, and observe.

Miserably failing to heed, with manic eyes skipping ahead I see “Franz Kafka + helicopter blades and sirens” and read “Frank Zappa.” I have no idea how.


Austin Kleon via Instagram, Zappa’d by me.

Continuing in my hypomanic state, I decide I must have a blackboard tonight. Tonight! A big one, not some pansy crafty decorative thing. I want to use it as, well, a blackboard. I found one I like on Amazon, but not only can I not afford it, it won’t get here TONIGHT. Exploring my options as a person with not much money and a desire to have it now, I rush over to the Walmart website and search for a chalkboard. And come up with chalk paint, which I read as…

Baton Rouge Walmart Supercenter - 2016-03-16 23-37-21

Hey, kids, it’s snack time!

No chewable paint on the menu, but I did make it to Walmart, where I found these stick-on wall decals. So, here’s what I ended up with, which is very cheap but isn’t so bad and will do for now.


Cheap, but a black chalk-receiving surface.

(Originally written in March. I still have no blackboard, but my husband promises to paint the entire door with chalkboard paint tomorrow.)


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