My Od(d)yssey


Though this blog is a mere infant, it is by far not my first. Back in the day, I had my little Earthlink site. Then came Blogger and WordPress. I have lost count of the number of blogs that I have started. I stray, I come back, but I just can’t stay on course.



Even then I was photo-crazy (back in the day when PhotoShop was a bit more accessible and a lot less complicated).


My blogs have reflected my state of mind, but each in isolation, so that I can’t manage to continue with one blog when the mood or moment or obsession or idea passes or fades. I’m hoping this blog will hold a thread through the changes, a meta blog about my brain and its (pathetic and rather homebound) adventures, or, well, its journey anyway.

Oh, and, I’ve started another new blog—all pictures, no angst, mostly kitties.


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