Thanks, Netflix


Thank you, zombie brain and Netflix for the glut. In the past few weeks, I have binge-watched a world of television:

Jessica Jones
iZombie (S1)
Arrow (S3)
The 100 (S2) (with much regret; compelling plot, but truly written for teenagers)
Hemlock Grove (S3) (yay! for closure, kill ’em all)
Gotham (S1)
Dark Matter
Blacklist (S2)

I may have missed something. Oh, right—Man in the High Castle and Grimm, but that’s Amazon’s fault.

I couldn’t make it through Haven (ugh, enough with the world revolving around what’s her face), and I’m not making much progress on Freak Show. So, now I’m recovering with a rewatch of Farscape, weening myself with a show that I can mostly ignore.

The staggering amount of TV that I have been watching is a sure indicator of depression. Feast or famine—I do nothing in moderation.

Oh, and here’s a kitty:



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