The Napping Dilemma


To nap and stay up later, or to not nap and possibly get nothing done and stay up too late anyway….

Yesterday, my mind was too fuzzy and my body was too clumsy for me to do anything, not even watch TV. So, I napped from about two to five in the afternoon. Result: no sleep last night, still awake. My mind spent the night wrapped in cotton and idling in stand-by mode, unable to think coherently enough to function (still). Finally, only after nine this morning, I managed to at least edit a photo to post on Flickr. That seems to have calmed my brain a bit.

My plan to stay off Facebook isn’t really working. The behavior I’m trying to avoid seems to be the source of the obsessive, endless scrolling rather than the result of Facebooking. I’m now mindlessly (though not obsessively) scrolling through Twitter and Tumblr. My brain simply will not cooperate, my mood is too agitated and my thinking too clouded. I’m hoping this will improve, and soon. It may already be, considering the photo editing and this post.

Oh, to be a cat and sleep 20 hours a day.


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